Perspectives in Statistical Physics

on Evolutionary Game Theory

2018. 5. 6 ~ 7., PKNU, Busan

  • Aim

    The main aim of this workshop is to foster an open-minded, cross-fertilizing, and regular exchange of ideas on statistical physics, particularly evolutionary dynamics and game theory, among scholars in a friendly environment.

  • Topics include

    evolutionary dynamics, game theory, collective behavior, complex networks, and others.

  • Invited speakers

    Beom Jun Kim (SKKU) Cheol-Min Kim (UNIST)
    Hye Jin Park (Max Planck Institute) Sang Hoon Lee (GNTECH)
    Hyeong-Chai Jeong (Sejong Univ.) Muyoung Heo (PNU)
  • Venue

    Room 307, Jang Bogo Hall (E22)
  • Program

    May 6 (Sun.)
    17:00~18:00          Registration
    18:00~20:00          Welcome dinner
    May 7 (Mon.)
    Session 1

    Chair: Seung Ki Baek (PKNU)

    10:00~10:30 Hyeong-Chai Jeong (Sejong Univ.)
    Sex in the evolution of cooperation and its implication on group selection
    10:30~11:00 Cheol-Min Kim (UNIST)
    Vaccination, the name of the game
    11:00~11:30 Sang Hoon Lee (GNTECH)
    Modeling the dynamics of dissent
    11:30~12:00 Muyoung Heo & Tae-Soo Chon (PNU)
    Hawk-Dove game with termination
    12:00~14:00 Lunch
    Session 2

    Chair: Tae-Soo Chon (PNU)

    14:00~14:30 Beom Jun Kim (SKKU)
    Game in the Korean National Assembly
    14:30~15:00 Hye Jin Park (Max Planck Institute)
    Fate of populations in a stochastic system with mutations
    15:00~15:30 Minjae Kim & Seung Ki Baek (PKNU)
    Sex ratio variations in the haploid model
    15:30~16:00          Closing
  • Contact

    Seung Ki Baek (Office: 051-629-5576)